Urban Lounge


Urban Lounge was a two part project introducing a reinterpretation of the Slessor Gardens, Dundee in the form of an expressive outdoor gathering space and 18 visual billboards.


Part 1

Part 1 of the project invited young people from Hot Chocolate Trust, a youth group, to assess the Slessor Gardens in Dundee.


Their process of mapping the area and responding to the area's situation by designing a pop-up event was then displayed on 18 billboards at the gardens themselves.

Collaborators: MK Giannico, Finlay Higgins, Matthew Cassidy, Daniel Craib, Kamil Kamza, Mhairi Jayne Duncan, Cameron Mills + 18 other anonymous young people.

Part 2

The pop-up event designed in collaboration between Anna and the young people was comprised of a playful collection of moveable tyres, chalkboards and books. It begged for interaction, reactivating the area and enhancing the connection to the urban landscape. 

The event demonstrated the potential of reclaiming public space. 


This project was made in collaboration with Hot Chocolate Trust and is part of Sharing Not Hoarding. 

© 2018 by Anna Wallace Reid.